About Sinai

The Sinai Peninsula or simply ‘Sinai’ is a peninsula in Egypt, the only part of the country located in Asia. It is a land bridge between Asia and Africa with the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Red Sea to the south. It has an area of about 60,000 km and a very rich history throughout.

Since we operate primarily in the south of Sinai, then we will be focusing on the information about the southern part.

Sinai has a lot to offer:

  • Sandy beaches ideal for relaxing & water sports.
  • Rocky beaches with stunning coral reefs that motivate you to go Diving, snorkeling & getting deeper.
  • Valleys & mountains that you can discover and hike through for a year & still not finish.
  • Stunning canyon formations to make you wonder.
  • Natural oasis & holy summits to be explored.
  • Blowing wind almost all year long ideal for windsurfing & kitesurfing.
  • Interesting Bedouin culture.Big cities, small towns, simple & chilled vibes, sunny/good weather & more.

Simply there is something for everyone in South Sinai.

  Bedouin tribes in the area:

 There are 3 main Bedouin tribes in South Sinai in the area that are allowed to visit & explore. These tribes are Mozena tribe – Based in Dahab, Tarabin tribe – Based in NuweibaGebaleya tribe – Based in St. Catherine. 

Those 3 tribes have been based in the Sinai peninsula since forever. They are living together in peace and interconnected as they have married one another and established other ways of primitive diplomatic communications. They are playing a big role in the tourism industry within the area, primarily coming from the amazing hospitality that is a part of the Bedouin culture, their ability to navigate & track off road & knowledge in guiding people through unmapped trails in the mountains.

South Sinai`s main Cities & towns: 

Sharm El-Sheikh: The biggest city in South Sinai known for its big resorts along the shore with active, loud vibe, nightlife, water sports and SCUBA diving either from shores or boats.There is also a lot of nature in the area: 

Ras Muhammed natural protected area: One of the world’s ranked protected areas lies at the most southern part of Sharm El-Sheikh. With unique sandy / rocky topography and surrounded by the sea from 3 directions. It lies in Sinai`s open sea part outside of the Aqaba gulf within the Red Sea. This attracts bigger schools of fish and sea life making a home there & breeding within the Mangrove field. On land, you can witness birds immigration through the different seasons & enjoy pure & untouched nature by visiting by boat or on land.

Straights of Tiran: Tiran is an island related to Saudi Arabia that lies within an international protected area by the UN. The straights of Tiran is a sea reef wall that takes a U shape & is full of wonders that can be discovered on a snorkeling/diving boat trip departing daily from all ports in Sharm El-Sheikh.

Nabq protected area: Is also a world-ranked protected area that lies at the northern part of Sharm El-Sheikh. It contains untouched mountains, a small Bedouin town, mangrove fields, pure reefs & a high number of rare marine life. Camping there is also a great thing to do.

Dahab: 2nd biggest place in South Sinai. It is a small fishing village known to have hippy vibes Where everything is in close proximity, people are relaxed & laid back and time stands still. It feels like a small island yet diverse lifestyle with a lot of travelers, explorers, musicians, adventurers & sports seekers looking for the simplest ways of life whilst being social & active. Also considered Makah for divers as it contains some of the world`s most famous dive sites “Blue Hole& The Great Canyon”.

It is good to notice that the whole of Dahab is considered a natural protected area however it is also surrounded by ranked protected areas like:








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